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Stuck in the middle of a project? Short of motivation to progress? Hemingway himself used this famous productivity hack to write throughout his life. Read more

What’s the recipe for a good team?

If it was enough to choose the best people to have the best team, we’d all know about it. So what are the main ingredients, those that have the most impact on the performance on a group of colleagues? That’s the question Google’s HR department tackled, with the help of a lot of data. The answer can be summarized in 5 points. Read more

Ad Hoc

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No… it’s not the name of the Captain but that of a strategy for group decision-making. A strategy for avoiding the disastrous impact of groupthink and political games. A strategy to make decisions (more) fairly. Read more

Be humble

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This is the best resource at your disposal when you must give someone positive or negative feedback. At least, it’s a very good introduction if you don’t want to appear either condescending or manipulative. Find out how in 3 steps. Read more

Lost (in transformation)

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Do you have a great career development project ahead of you? Do you feel ready for leadership? The way in which you think about the situation and yourself, about your strengths and weaknesses in this perspective is…exactly what could prevent you from taking this step. Read more

Brain picking

When you can talk to a “young” worker (during a job interview or with the daughter of a cousin at a wedding dinner) and especially if he or she has a profile that does not seem to exactly correspond to the one your organization would hire (in terms of skills, career, values), pick his or her brain with these 4 questions. You’ll learn incredible things… Read more