3 performance drivers

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Recent studies show that a pinch of narcissism, a hint of anxiety, and a healthy dose of affection/connection make us markedly more efficient. But it’s all a question of dosage, obviously… and easier said than done. Read more

What a point-recovery course can teach you

I can be a distracted and/or impatient driver and, having lost a few points on my driver’s license, I went to a point-recovery training course to get them back. This is an enriching sociological experience because nowadays, we citizens have often lost the habit of talking about a shared theme with people from every socio-cultural background. An extremely informative experience in terms of the change management, with facilitators facing a public that is somewhat … uncooperative. With the same goal but two completely different attitudes, one fosters obstacles and becomes inaudible, while the other inspires active listening and some attitude changes… Read more

The best (really) is the enemy of the good

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The overabundance of choices has many undesirable side effects, both direct and indirect. It makes decision-making more difficult, even painful. It increases the risk of error in the end and aggravates the psychological consequences of a wrong choice. It limits the intensity and duration of the pleasure felt after the fact, due to the actual or supposed cost of missed opportunities and of the regrets that sometimes accompany them. Read more

On resilience

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More than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s level of resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails when the pace picks up or the pressure is on. That’s true in the cancer ward, it’s true in the Olympics, and it’s true in the boardroom, when deciding a company’s future. It is with these words that Dean Becker, CEO of Adaptive Learning Systems, introduced resilience. What traits are shared by resilient people? What behavioral mechanisms are to be implemented when faced with a very difficult personal or professional situation? Read more

Management according to Ray Dalio

When an organization is unclear about its values and its underlying principles, its level of performance stagnates and, without a corporate culture, there is nothing to provide concrete, day-to-day guidance to employees when they need to define goals, develop and implement solutions, manage teams. Discover the values and principles – shared by Ray Dalio and his colleagues – that account for Bridgewater’s success. Read more

(Important) Decision-Making

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All important decisions have two things in common: they imply a high level of uncertainty, usually generating anxiety (which is a very poor counsellor) and they must be managed rather than merely made. Read more