Once upon a time…

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Fairy tales actually provide a lot of structure. We are steeped in their lore from the cradle onwards and they help us to construct the world, to make sense of it and to find our place in it. There could be a few knights, princesses, and other fairies hiding in offices… Off with the masks! Read more

Are you short of time?

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When it’s brought down to a timescale that humans can understand, geological time is a great way to take a step back from a sense of urgency, to take a new look at the present, and probably, in passing, to (re)define certain priorities for yourself and for the organization. Breathtaking. Read more


Our professional exchanges are usually guided by a concern for efficiency. As much value as possible (for others and for oneself) must be created in as little time as possible. This leaves little room for… silence. And yet, so rich. Read more

Not even afraid

“Did something not go the way it should have?” This is a key question. One that promotes experimentation and learning (through action). A question that makes things more authentic, more transparent. A question that makes you grow. So why is it so rare in companies? Read more

Special dedications

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Dedications are a common practice in certain artistic, literary and scientific circles. As a general rule, they are written after the work has been completed, out of loyalty, love, interest, gratitude… But under certain conditions, it can also prove to be a great tool for you to give the best of yourself. Read more