Lost (in transformation)

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Do you have a great career development project ahead of you? Do you feel ready for leadership? The way in which you think about the situation and yourself, about your strengths and weaknesses in this perspective is…exactly what could prevent you from taking this step. Read more

Brain picking

When you can talk to a “young” worker (during a job interview or with the daughter of a cousin at a wedding dinner) and especially if he or she has a profile that does not seem to exactly correspond to the one your organization would hire (in terms of skills, career, values), pick his or her brain with these 4 questions. You’ll learn incredible things… Read more

Not so stupid…

You probably think that to be persuasive it is better to accentuate your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. But when your target public has every chance of being skeptical or even hostile (for example if you are presenting a new idea or a suggestion of change), skillfully putting forward the flaws in your thought will certainly have 4 advantages. Read more

Bee or wasp?

To think and act differently, to find new directions, you must first let go of all your certainties and all those hard-won convictions. They reassure you but at the same time they determine your scope of possibilities. It’s the only way to take (back) the initiative and be (finally) free. It’s all about bees and wasps (yes, really!) Read more

Deal !

When you are negotiating and the stakes are high, you generally bring into play all your verbal and cognitive capacities to handle the situation as well as possible. Don’t neglect the power of the (conscious) non-verbal to create an environment favorable to exchanges and to your goals. Read more

Agile (or not)

Back in the mid-70’s, Jim Womack was the first to come up with what’s called “the Lean”, an agile production and management mode, respectful of customers and employees. After Industry and IT services, the Lean extended its sphere of influence to the rest of the economy: hospitals, banks, large retailers, airlines… It’s a (proven) alternative to the still-prevailing Taylorist dynamics and reflexes. Are-you ready? Read more

2025, the algorithmic year

By 2025, you’ll be recruited through an algorithm. By 2025, your current daily work will most certainly be performed to a large extent by another algorithm. In fact, by 2025, you will probably work in tandem with the latter, adapted to your personality, to your professional habits and goals. But you, what will you be doing in 2025 ? Read more

The magic of “AND”

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We very often find ourselves stuck with limited (and limiting) choices which basically don’t really satisfy us. Should we be empathetic or commanding? Should we delegate or control? Partner or competitor? (…) It’s the “OR” trap that limits us, that excludes (others, ideas, innovations …), that forces us to compromise. On the contrary, saying “AND” opens a new playing field up for exploration: that of our infinite capacity for creation and transformation. So how de we go from “OR” to “AND”? Read more