Brain picking

When you can talk to a “young” worker (during a job interview or with the daughter of a cousin at a wedding dinner) and especially if he or she has a profile that does not seem to exactly correspond to the one your organization would hire (in terms of skills, career, values), pick his or her brain with these 4 questions. You’ll learn incredible things… Read more


It’s the only white group to have managed (probably despite itself) to influence black music. “Trans Europe Express”, the mythical album released in 1977, immediately captivated Detroit’s black community with a repetitive, yet amazingly sensual electronic tempo. It’s the starting point of Techno music, the source of the worldwide tidal wave which still inspires today’s most prominent DJ’s. Going back in time, working on the origins to tell the story is an exciting (and useful) exercise for an organization or team, too. Read more

2025, the algorithmic year

By 2025, you’ll be recruited through an algorithm. By 2025, your current daily work will most certainly be performed to a large extent by another algorithm. In fact, by 2025, you will probably work in tandem with the latter, adapted to your personality, to your professional habits and goals. But you, what will you be doing in 2025 ? Read more

The New World

Legend has it that the Native American didn’t see the conquistador’s boats coming. Or rather, that they couldn’t see them. It was impossible for them to conceive of such mass floating on water. A few hundred years later, it was equally impossible for US automobile executives on a study trip to Japan to imagine a factory without stock: “The Japanese made fools of us with their ghost factories …”. In the end, it’s all a question of eyeglasses. Or rather, of paradigms. Read more

“This could be your last chance…”

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So says Bruce Sterling – science-fiction author, the pope of cyberpunk, the oracle of technology festivals (SXSW, for example), journalist, activist … – in the text: ” This may be your last big chance to arrest them all before they do to everything what Napster did to the music biz”. Whatever your business sector (banking, consumer goods, services, transportation, real estate, tourism, …) or your personal lifestyle may be, you are, so to speak … involved. Read more

A mental age of 15. So what?

The causes behind the immaturity of a growing number of adults are certainly multiple. Open-ended schooling, couples committing later and later, limited professional autonomy, the precarious financial autonomy of the young, immediate gratification in a consumer society… It may also be a necessary evolution. A response to an increasingly unstable and uncertain environment. That’s the opinion of Bruce Charlton (University of Newcastle). Read more

Big or Bug Data?

When talking of Big Data, the mood clearly tends towards idolatry and data evangelists. For example, do a Google search on the reliability of connected objects: you’ll discover that “all is right as right can be”. And yet, in the face of what is increasingly looking like a veritable data deluge (Big/Smart/Open/Bio … Data), what we need is rather data … deontologists. Read more

Remove the blinders

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Infobesity is a reality. We have 5 times more information to deal with in a day than we did 25 years ago. Two filters protect us from overload by insulating us. The first makes us lazy observers of the reality that surrounds us, the second forces us into a (digital) bubble… Why and how you can regain the upper hand. Read more