What’s the recipe for a good team?

If it was enough to choose the best people to have the best team, we’d all know about it. So what are the main ingredients, those that have the most impact on the performance on a group of colleagues? That’s the question Google’s HR department tackled, with the help of a lot of data. The answer can be summarized in 5 points. Read more

Work on cooperation

In teams and organizations that value it, cooperation is much more than a state of mind, it is part of the daily life of every individual, it influences vocabulary, and guides relationships. It is a pillar of the culture of the company, one of the key values. 5 good habits to cultivate (together) to work on it. Read more

Transparency has (at least) 3 virtues

Many leaders believe it’s better to hide things when they’re unfavorable, that it’s better to be positive (and motivating) under every circumstance. But that’s a mistake. And all the more serious a mistake given that, quite often, their employees aren’t fooled. 3 good reasons to choose transparency (in every case). Read more

Don’t go offside

When Bernard Tapie walked into the Europe 1 studio with Thomas Sotto on the morning of May 23rd, 2014, he probably didn’t imagine he would go beyond the limits of what is permissible, literally going offside by violating the basic rules of proxemics (the physical distance between people engaged in some interaction). Read more

Words kill

Kiju Jung and his team at the University of Illinois have studied the deadliness of 92 of the 94 hurricanes that have hit the Atlantic coast since the early years 50’s. And they have discovered something which is (actually, not so) Incredible. Read more

The management lesson

If you have two teams whose collaboration is essential for the proper operation of your organization, each of which spends its time complaining about the other, thwarting the other, sniping at the other at every opportunity… if, on top of that, they both include valuable collaborators and are managed by your best people… if you don’t know what to do. watch this movie (or read on, it’s probably faster). Read more