Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban

Work is health. The greatest servant of Louis XIV would be the last to contradict this. Deceased at the age of 73 in 1707, Vauban worked his whole life to remain an undisputed and undisputable master. He never stopped cultivating excellence in order to stay free. A fine lesson (of history and humility) for all innovators. Read more

Agile (or not)

Back in the mid-70’s, Jim Womack was the first to come up with what’s called “the Lean”, an agile production and management mode, respectful of customers and employees. After Industry and IT services, the Lean extended its sphere of influence to the rest of the economy: hospitals, banks, large retailers, airlines… It’s a (proven) alternative to the still-prevailing Taylorist dynamics and reflexes. Are-you ready? Read more

Cultivate your hunches

Hyper-creative geniuses, those who – working on their own – come up with great innovations with a momentous “Eureka!”, don’t exist. Great ideas, great innovations, begin incomplete, like partial glimpses of what the final picture will look like. Some mature over time, establishing new internal connections and gaining in power and clarity, while the rest fade away. Read more

A world of “possibles”

The world could be looked at as a finite set of spare parts and concepts, the possible recombinations of which at any given time form what Stuart Kauffman was the first to describe as “adjacent possibles”, on the brink of evolution and … innovation. At each moment, the present is reinventing itself. And each new combination creates a new world of adjacent possibles. Each new Innovation opens new paths up to exploration. Read more