Double effect

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Each public speaking, whether one-on-one, in a meeting, or – worse – in front of an assembly, is a test. What image will you project? What influence will you have on the discussion, on your interlocutor, or on the group? To develop your impact, work on your charisma. When you get down to it, it’s just a question of focus. Read more

Special dedications

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Dedications are a common practice in certain artistic, literary and scientific circles. As a general rule, they are written after the work has been completed, out of loyalty, love, interest, gratitude… But under certain conditions, it can also prove to be a great tool for you to give the best of yourself. Read more

Convince them by playing on their (good) feelings

Most of us think change follows a sequence of “I ANALYZE – I THINK – I CHANGE”. And it does, when the parameters of change are known, when hypotheses are at a minimum, and when the future isn’t too blurry. But major changes generally do not take place under such conditions. In this case, rational arguments are no longer enough. We know what to do and why, we just lack the motivation to actually go through with it. Read more

“Form is the essence brought to the surface.”

It was Victor Hugo who said that. And despite some recent academic controversies, it is undeniable that our body language reveals our emotions. No need to start long studies in psychology or neuroscience to understand what goes on between two people. You only have to pay attention to their expressions, their gestures, their postures. To consider the context of the interaction and, above all, to observe in a factual fashion. Without any preconception. Proof through image. Read more

Don’t go offside

When Bernard Tapie walked into the Europe 1 studio with Thomas Sotto on the morning of May 23rd, 2014, he probably didn’t imagine he would go beyond the limits of what is permissible, literally going offside by violating the basic rules of proxemics (the physical distance between people engaged in some interaction). Read more

Words kill

Kiju Jung and his team at the University of Illinois have studied the deadliness of 92 of the 94 hurricanes that have hit the Atlantic coast since the early years 50’s. And they have discovered something which is (actually, not so) Incredible. Read more