Be humble

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This is the best resource at your disposal when you must give someone positive or negative feedback. At least, it’s a very good introduction if you don’t want to appear either condescending or manipulative. Find out how in 3 steps. Read more

The management lesson

If you have two teams whose collaboration is essential for the proper operation of your organization, each of which spends its time complaining about the other, thwarting the other, sniping at the other at every opportunity… if, on top of that, they both include valuable collaborators and are managed by your best people… if you don’t know what to do. watch this movie (or read on, it’s probably faster). Read more

Test the water before you start your meetings

Has this ever happened to you? You spend a whole meeting, your smartphone hidden under the table, waiting for an important text message? Or you’re (almost) not really there, because you’re too worried about your next appointment? Did your colleagues notice? Did they waste part of their cognitive energy wondering what was happening to you throughout the meeting? Have you ever spent part of a meeting asking yourself what could be so distracting for some of the participants? The answer to all these questions is, unfortunately, “Yes”. But you can do something about this… Read more

Green leadership

Science proves it every day: green – in a forest, in a park, or in a pot sitting on a desk – is good for your collaborators (and for you). More vitality, creativity and productivity. Less stress and illness. In proportions that are definitively not negligible. Read more