A world of “possibles”

The world could be looked at as a finite set of spare parts and concepts, the possible recombinations of which at any given time form what Stuart Kauffman was the first to describe as “adjacent possibles”, on the brink of evolution and … innovation. At each moment, the present is reinventing itself. And each new combination creates a new world of adjacent possibles. Each new Innovation opens new paths up to exploration. Read more

What is the difference between creativity and innovation?

Innovators who succeed are first and foremost creative. A study published in the Creativity Research Journal has recently summarized those traits which are common to creative people. They tend to be better at identifying problems than at solving them, they’re generally more passionate and sensitive. Most of all, they’re far more curious and intellectually open. These three traits are more significant than IQ, schooling and motivation in predicting creative potential. But creativity alone is not enough to innovate. Read more