Are you short on inspiration? Discover old-school growth hacking

How did Robert Taylor, working without a patent, carve himself a niche in the 1970’s in the liquid-soap market, under the noses of Procter & Gamble? How did Dow Chemical reverse the monopolies of the German chemical cartel and find its place in all the strategy manuals? How did Henry Ford simultaneously put an end to absenteeism and turnover, attract over 10,000 skilled workers in a few months, and boost his productivity… while being cast as a Marxist? How did MCI hack AT&T’s communication budgets? Growth Hacking is a 2.0-type buzzword, but it obviously isn’t new. Read more

Making inventing fun: the MIT Media Lab

At the MIT Media Lab, all research projects must result in a prototype as quickly as possible. At the core of the Media Lab lies the notion that we learn better by building, like a playing child. This notion is known as Creative Learning. In the end, this culture of prototyping, building and demonstrating leads to an incremental approach to innovation. It is the concrete manifestation of the famous “Fail fast to learn fast”. Freedom, decompartmentalization and serendipity in action. Read more