Once upon a time…

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Fairy tales actually provide a lot of structure. We are steeped in their lore from the cradle onwards and they help us to construct the world, to make sense of it and to find our place in it. There could be a few knights, princesses, and other fairies hiding in offices… Off with the masks! Read more


It’s the only white group to have managed (probably despite itself) to influence black music. “Trans Europe Express”, the mythical album released in 1977, immediately captivated Detroit’s black community with a repetitive, yet amazingly sensual electronic tempo. It’s the starting point of Techno music, the source of the worldwide tidal wave which still inspires today’s most prominent DJ’s. Going back in time, working on the origins to tell the story is an exciting (and useful) exercise for an organization or team, too. Read more

Special dedications

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Dedications are a common practice in certain artistic, literary and scientific circles. As a general rule, they are written after the work has been completed, out of loyalty, love, interest, gratitude… But under certain conditions, it can also prove to be a great tool for you to give the best of yourself. Read more

Mirror, Mirror…

Being visible and recognized by your peers is a good thing, as long as it doesn’t become an obsession. We invest more and more time and effort, sometimes disproportionately so, in maintaining our bubble at the expense of the real professional success levers. This carries its own risks. Read more

A tale of (large) pebbles

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Everyone knows the story: take a jar, a few large pebbles, some gravel, some sand, and water. Place the large pebbles in the jar; next put in as much gravel as possible (you’ll see there’s still a lot of room), then, as much sand as possible (yes, you heard me); finally, fill it to the brim with water (unbelievable). But who remembers the fall? Read more

“What would you do if you were sure not to fail?”

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It’s hard not to feel uneasy when asked such a question. It forces us to become aware of our fear of failure. It reminds us of how much this fear prevents us from achieving extraordinary things (or at least, from trying to), from expressing our full potential. But there are also questions that help us to overcome this, to move from paralysis to mobilization and action. Read more