Post-it’s are probably the most serious competitor for many software programs

I’ve been using visual management daily for several years now, and I still keep finding new advantages to it. It makes the process operable and operation modes and interactions visible. It contributes to transparency and, consequently, confidence within the company. Finally, it helps to make problems visible, to deal with them, and to ensure that team activities are in sync with the operational reality. Less known is the fact that visual management brings a different cognitive approach that fosters a more effective manager/employee relationship. And this is essential as far as change management is concerned. Read more

Not cooperating kills

When we cooperate, we use fewer resources, we perform better, we create more value. Conversely, when we don’t cooperate, we need more time, more equipment, more systems, more processes, more colleagues, more indicators, more stock, more capital… And this greater complexity, these rigidities, these frictions must, in the end, be offset by the employee’s individual efforts. To transform your organization, start by fostering cooperation. Read more

What a point-recovery course can teach you

I can be a distracted and/or impatient driver and, having lost a few points on my driver’s license, I went to a point-recovery training course to get them back. This is an enriching sociological experience because nowadays, we citizens have often lost the habit of talking about a shared theme with people from every socio-cultural background. An extremely informative experience in terms of the change management, with facilitators facing a public that is somewhat … uncooperative. With the same goal but two completely different attitudes, one fosters obstacles and becomes inaudible, while the other inspires active listening and some attitude changes… Read more